Alternative Advisers : the services

Alternative Advisers : Corporate Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions, Development Consulting, Private Equity: the new axes of Fuchs & Associés.


Alternative Advisers S.A. allows investors to access the real economy by directly financing local businesses and support the development of companies in their growth phase. Alternative Advisers S.A. has built a multidisciplinary team close to your expectations as well as a set of management processes or instruments to will help you on a daily basis.


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New activities reinforcing the relationship with the client

For the past 17 years, Fuchs & Associés Group has been assisting business leaders throughout the different stages of their life, whether it was professional or personal.Fuchs & Associés Group has built up a comprehensive set of tailor-made solutions adapted to its needs. The deployment of Alternative Advisers activities in Switzerland will strengthen the relationship even more between Fuchs & Associés Group and its customers. It opens up new perspectives that will create values.


What are the services provided?

  • Enterprise sales and buy
  • Restructuring
  • Advisory
  • Private Equity
  • Capital-development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial support
  • Real estate support
  • Support to corporate Manager
  • Consulting