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About Fuchs Family Office

A comfortable and secure future is well-deserved reward for your professional and social success and increased wealth. Fuchs Family Office offers you long-term support and will orchestrate the involvement of seasoned professionals, aligning financial institutions, insurers, lawyers, etc. with your objectives.

Our team, after a detailed assessment of your estate, will listen to your concerns and needs in order to help you benchmark and attain the level of comfort and security we have defined together.

Our Services

Open architecture and bespoke services.
We supervise the managers in whom you have placed your trust and monitor performance.
At your discretion and according to your needs, our services include:

  • A follow-up of your financial and non-financial assets
  • A customized valuation and reporting of your assets
  • Support for non-financial asset classes
  • Cost control

We offer a comprehensive and integrated management service.

Structuring your assets to ensure optimal returns and seamless transfer solutions for your estate.
Wealth planning should be dynamic as it needs to adapt to shifting regulatory, tax and legal environments as well as taking into account familial changes. A personalised and formal assessment of your private assets is key. Through this assessment, we will conduct and analyse the divergences between different national laws in fiscal and civil matters.
Our formal assessment will take into account:

  • An audit of your private assets
  • Ongoing follow-ups of legal and tax developments
  • a verification of the adequacy of your private assets
  • an optimization of your private assets (if necessary) in order to facilitate their transfer

An up-to-date formal assessment is a prerequisite for a successful transfer; the experts at the Fuchs Family Office network will provide you with long-term support in the protection, development and transfer of your estate. Ongoing, regular estate reviews are necessary as efficient wealth management is possible only through long-term support that spans generations.

Sustaining families and their businesses
Harmonise and nurture your ideas and values around your family business
The family estate or business that you founded or joined represents material assets and a set of values that you have established. In order to maintain family harmony in regards to the estate, adequate governance preserving family members’ best interests is essential.
Fuchs Family Office carries out an exhaustive inventory and analysis of the current familial dynamics while paying particular attention to your ideas and values. Together we can identify and reconcile your reality and the wishes of each member of the family.

  • Establishment / possible modification of family and business decision-making bodies
  • Help with decision-making
  • Follow-up and comprehensive support for your decisions and / or your ideas.

To implement the selected solutions, we rely on a network of experts adapted to your expressed criteria. Depending on the level of support and interaction you desire, we can coordinate follow-up and reporting accordingly.

Leave the logistics to us
Let us take care of you and yours by leveraging our network of exclusive partners specialised in servicing HNWIs. Our hand-picked partners are at your disposal to coordinate your requests with the utmost diligence and the highest degree of discretion and professionalism. Administrative formalities, care of primary or secondary residences, leisure, travel, organisation of private events... you won’t need to lift a finger.
These elite personal assistants will bring your projects to life, remove obstacles and move forward according to your instructions and preferences.


In accordance with the values of Fuchs Family Office, our partners provide you with a high value-added service:

  • You will have assistants available to quickly respond to your requests
  • You will benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals: our partners are leaders in their lines of business.
  • Your satisfaction is their priority.
  • We select only reliable partners: as we are the intermediary, we put our reputation on the line for you.
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