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Just like an orchestra conductor, we guide you through the constitution and management of your fund

Who are we?

An Independent Management Company

With two decades of investment fund industry experience, and thanks to our team’s niche expertise, we offer comprehensive services, bringing real, quantifiable added value to the table.

Our services are designed for management professionals

We assist fund managers, wealth managers, Family Offices, and private banks, as well as business owners considering expansion projects.

Leave the day-to-day with us so you can focus on what you do best

We are experts on issues in the fund management field, specifically on fund governance. Our goal is to partner with you and share our experience and guidance allowing you to navigate easily through the web of operational and regulatory requirements, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best. We have been practicing it ourselves for many years: not just a service provider, we are also your local partner. We guide you, with the precision of an orchestra conductor, through regulation and fund operations. This way, you can focus on your added value: the search for performance and the quality of client relations.

A legal and regulatory framework

Regulated and licensed in Luxembourg by the CSSF, we operate in accordance with Chapter 15 of the Luxembourg Law of 17 December 2010 on Undertakings for Collective Investment (UCITS) and the Law of 12 July 2013 relating to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

Our Services

Risk management is a key element for strategic sustainability. Our team of risk experts produces a customized, in-depth analysis of your project in terms of risk exposure involving:

  • Delegated activities
  • Ensuring investment policy compliance (pre/post trade)
  • Pre and post transactional operational impact

This is managed through a dedicated, market-connected platform, and via bespoke risk reports for each strategy, which results in a comprehensive document that outlines the methodology and controls that are in place from an organizational, as well as an operational, point of view.

Fuchs Asset Management has a unique infrastructure based on the know-how of more than 80 Asset Managers, allowing you to choose the most suitable solution:

  • Advisory setup: Fuchs Asset Management assumes the joint roles of Risk Management and Portfolio Management and you play the role of Investment Advisor by bringing ideas and recommendations to the table
  • Manager setup: Fuchs Asset Management delegates the function of Portfolio Management

Fuchs Asset Management acts as the central point of contact for all operations at the Luxembourg level, by centralising:

  • Coordination & communication between service partners
  • Document, operational and legal review
  • Regular reporting
  • Monitoring and oversight
  • Exchanges with national and international authorities and providers
  • Corporate governance

Fuchs Asset Management has developed a cross-border expertise of international distribution services, using the following approach:

  • An analysis of the target markets
  • Knowledge of the applicable requirements in every country
  • The functioning of the market
  • Market watch
  • Registration and status update tracking

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A lasting relationship

The relationship with our customers is a timeless one thanks to our family-owned business and our vision of fund management based on sustainable criteria.

A single contact person

You will have a single, central, point of contact dedicated to implementing your project and monitoring it throughout its lifetime.

Open architecture

Depending on the nature, requirements and complexity of your project, and to ensure its success, Fuchs Asset Management will select from a validated, hand-picked network of partners to deliver the services that are most suited to your needs.

The Fuchs Difference

Our strength lies in our experience as wealth managers and our entrepreneurial spirit. Our philosophy and experience dovetail with yours, for perfect service symbiosis.


Fuchs Asset Management S.A.

49 boulevard Prince Henri 1724 Luxembourg
+352 26 26 49 1
Timothé Fuchs CEO
Jean-Jacques Lava Managing Director