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who are we?

Fuchs & Insurances S.A. is an independant broker approved by the Commissariat Aux Assurances (CAA) under number 2010CM011, specialised in investments through life insurance and capitalisation contracts (private or institutional clients).

Our legal and tax regulatory expertise and our thorough knowledge of the financial and insurance sectors enable us to ensure optimal growth and protection of your estate.

Our wealth engineering service, providing consolidated legal, tax and financial planning services, is available upon request.

Our sales and administrative teams are dedicated to caring for our customers, our partners and our employees. Life insurance products are available throughout Europe.


A life insurance policy in Luxembourg

Financial Stability and Rigorous Supervision

Luxembourg is one of nine countries in the world given a AAA rating by the top-tier rating agencies (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s & Fitch) .

Asset Protection: the Security Triangle

The Security Triangle is a unique regulation in Europe based on reciprocal control via a tripartite deposit agreement between the insurance company, the custodian bank and the Insurance Commission (CAA).

Insurance contract assets are separately ring-fenced in a specially designated account with a CAA-approved custodian bank:

  • absolute privilege of the subscriber to his assets
  • uncoupling the risk of the insurance company’s bankruptcy (first-class “super privilege”)

Life insurance policies are fully tax neutral in Luxembourg, with taxes waived on:

  • premiums
  • profits made upon sale or expiration
  • death benefits paid to the beneficiary/ies.

(Only the tax laws of the policyholder’s and beneficiary’s country of residence need to be considered).

Life insurance policies: a great asset management tool

  • Death benefits: possibility to partially or totally secure the invested capital
  • Complete flexibility of investment assets
  • Structuring of a comprehensive policy (estate planning)
  • Beneficiary clause (transfer)

Why Fuchs?


Why take out a life insurance policy with Fuchs & Insurances?

Enjoy tailor-made support

The first phase of establishing a life insurance policy is a careful analysis of your needs. Only a competent, licensed and independent broker can provide you with the advice that best suits your situation and expectations. Fuchs & Insurances offers neutral and objective advice based on your profile.

Access our wide network of partners

We pay special attention to offer you only contracts that fully respect the laws of your country of residence. Each jurisdiction has its dedicated team of professionals proving such guidance. The contracts we offer are designed and monitored so that you benefit from the most advantageous legal and tax provisions available in your country of residence.

Benefit from distribution agreements with Luxembourg’s leading insurers

These agreements allow you to be fully informed of the evolution of available offers and to leverage the systematic monitoring of the tax provisions applicable to our customers. Our offers give you access to a full range of investment products underpinning the insurance policy.


Fuchs & Insurances S.A.

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