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10 Jul 2019

Discretionary Management

Relationships founded on absolute trust, impartiality and genuine exchanges between investor and advisor

  1. Comprehensive Analysis

    A thorough and rigorous review of your needs and priorities is a prerequisite for any management decision. It is based on your own personal, in-depth financial assessment, which must be completed before your investment profile is defined.

  2. A Choice of Assets

    Fuchs Finance believes sectoral and geographical distribution to be of particular importance when determining the security and performance of a client’s portfolio. In addition, investment orders are executed using intermediaries with service quality, favourable prices and execution speeds that are the best the market has to offer. Flexibility between asset classes (cash, bonds, equities, investment funds, private equity or real estate, etc.) is absolutely crucial to us since our management style is entirely reactive and non-benchmarked.

  3. Measurement of Investment Choices

    Fuchs Finance regularly calculates the performance of client portfolios and compares them against the primary market benchmarks. A consolidated report of your assets may also be generated, regardless of the type of investments you make.

  4. Several Options

    Your portfolio can be customised according to several criteria:

    • Reference Currency
    • Asset Allocation
    • Type of Mandate: (discretionary)

Discretionary Management Mandate

Delegation of the financial management of your assets to an experienced team of professionals, with the definition of your investment horizon, risk profile, and investment objectives.
Our philosophy: Total flexibility of the allocation of your portfolio to benefit from market performance while preserving your assets.