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14 Jun 2019

Family & Corporate Governance

Sustaining families and their businesses
Harmonise and nurture your ideas and values around your family business
The family estate or business that you founded or joined represents material assets and a set of values that you have established. In order to maintain family harmony in regards to the estate, adequate governance preserving family members’ best interests is essential.
Fuchs Family Office carries out an exhaustive inventory and analysis of the current familial dynamics while paying particular attention to your ideas and values. Together we can identify and reconcile your reality and the wishes of each member of the family.

  • Establishment / possible modification of family and business decision-making bodies
  • Help with decision-making
  • Follow-up and comprehensive support for your decisions and / or your ideas.

To implement the selected solutions, we rely on a network of experts adapted to your expressed criteria. Depending on the level of support and interaction you desire, we can coordinate follow-up and reporting accordingly.