Our approach

Choosing, coordinating and structuring your investment vehicle

Fuchs Asset Management coordinates all aspects of the launch and functioning of your fund or sub-fund, with a dedicated contact person responsible for continually monitoring internal teams and external partners.

As the long-term partner responsible for supervising your investment vehicle, we help you to draw up a fully customised solution that best suits your needs.

Thanks to our open architecture, our management company can offer you a range of efficient and optimised solutions. After assessing your needs and working with you to establish the most suitable investment instrument, Fuchs Asset Management becomes the main coordinator of all operations linked to your project:

  • Creation and configuration of an investment vehicle or provision of a sub-fund in one of our existing regulated structures (UCITS and SIFs)
  • Monitoring of legal and operational issues during the creation and launch of the investment vehicle, and then over the course of its lifetime
  • Coordination of all internal and external parties involved in the project
  • Personalised risk management and monitoring of compliance issues.


Why should you come to Fuchs Asset Management?

  • You will have a single contact person dedicated to implementing your project and monitoring it throughout its lifetime.
  • You will benefit from an open architecture
    Depending on the nature, requirements and complexity of your project, and to secure its success, Fuchs Asset Management will assess its carefully selected network of partners to determine the services that are most suited to your needs.
  • You will enjoy an investment management licence and access to all product categories.

This will enable you to concentrate on the traditional aspects of your business: financial management and distribution. Once your project has been launched, our job is to support you in the day-to-day running of the project throughout its lifetime. We centralise the needs and requests of each party to provide you with the overall support and expertise you need for your investment vehicle to function successfully.

Fuchs Asset Management has attracted talent from leading financial institutions. Our team of established professionals guarantees a long-term relationship of trust and the success of your projects.