Family & Corporate Governance

Sharing and nurturing values

Your family estate or business are not just material assets; they also represent a set of values. Fuchs Family Office puts in place the organisational and decision-making structures to ensure their longevity.

Taking care of family and corporate governance

In order to maintain harmony within the family, it is essential to implement an appropriate governance structure to protect the interests of each family member. The roles and objectives of each decision-making body must be clearly defined, with each entity responsible for dealing with specific issues:

  • Family council
  • Meeting of shareholders
  • Board of directors
  • Management committee

There will inevitably be differences of opinion as the family group evolves. Tension may be caused by certain members of the family ascending to management positions in the company, by a desire to take risks or by differing financial requirements. Entrusting governance to experienced professionals can help to manage and avoid future conflicts.

It must be possible to take certain decisions confidentially before they are disclosed. Our tried-and-tested approach ensures such confidentiality and allows for a suitable communication policy to be implemented.

“We are always committed to
fulfilling your every expectation”

Subtle and delicate governance process

Fuchs Family Office ensures proper communication between each family member and the competent specialists. Our experts use conflict resolution procedures and tools to reconcile the interests of all parties:

  • Implementation and organisation of family councils
  • Giving structure to and harmonising relations between family or third-party shareholders, directors and employees
  • Reaffirming and consolidating your values by, for example, implementing a socially responsible management policy

These actions go hand in hand with education and training initiatives for the next generation regarding:

  • Management of the business
  • Defining your philanthropy policy
  • Your vision of ethical and responsible conduct
  • Establishing contact with experts from the art market.