Fuchs Family Office : The activity

You take decisions on a daily basis that affect the future of your estate. Fuchs Family Office protects your interests by organising all aspects of the management of your estate: investment strategy, structuring, inheritance planning and risk management.

Make sure your assets are managed in your best interests

An easier life and a comfortable future are the well-deserved rewards of your social success and increased wealth. This is why Fuchs Family Office provides you with long-term support and orchestrates the involvement of seasoned professionals, aligning financial institutions, insurers, lawyers, etc. with your objectives.

Our team assesses your estate as a whole, listens to your needs, helps you to set goals, prepares a detailed plan of action to fulfil your requirements and ensures that said plan is properly executed.

Our product range is split into four service divisions, from which you define your needs and priorities:

  • Investment Management
  • Wealth Engineering
  • Family & Corporate Governance
  • High-end Concierge Service


“Our commitment to our clients is characterised by integrity, objectivity and transparency”

The advantages of our Family Office

  • You have complete freedom to choose all or some of our services
  • Benefit from our straightforward system: a single contact person to represent your interests and coordinate how your plan of action is implemented The services and advice provided by the broad range of experts are complementary. We guarantee that your plan of action will be implemented. We regularly monitor how tasks are progressing with each service provider.
  • Keep or change partners
    It is likely that you will have already established privileged relationships with several contacts. You are free to choose the experts that you wish to be involved in the implementation of your wealth strategy. You can also choose from a range of hand-picked partners.
  • You will benefit from bespoke management and reporting
    All steps to protect, develop or transfer your estate are agreed upon together in advance. You can adjust your objectives at any time. Bespoke reporting in terms of content and frequency provides you with a detailed overview of risk.


Protecting, planning and getting the most out of your estate

Whatever task you give us, we will approach it with integrity, objectivity, transparency and total commitment.