Investment Management

An open architecture and services tailored to your needs

In a bid to ensure complete impartiality, you can choose between our internal managers (discretionary management) and one or more external managers (advisory management). Appointing several managers enables you to compare them based on various criteria: risk and reward curves, how well they follow your instructions, pro-activeness, how interactive your exchanges with them are, and the quality of the investment management support they provide.

In accordance with your criteria, we can also draw up a list of carefully selected custodians and partners to complement our offering.

A bespoke management mandate

Our success can be attributed above all to the emphasis we place on listening: assessing your expectations, and understanding and respecting your environment and aspirations. Our managers will be available throughout the trading hours of the markets on which you are active.

Our tried-and-tested processes can guarantee you complete satisfaction by offering:

  • An in-depth individual assessment with the manager(s) of your choice to determine your profile
  • An independently defined asset allocation in accordance with any constraints imposed by you

At your discretion, we may also provide:

  • A thorough check of bank charges and a transparent price structure
  • Consolidated reports on transactions and positions in terms of risk, and processed within the agreed time frames. These incorporate diverse range of counterparties in order to provide more effective risk management
  • The inclusion of non-financial assets (e.g. real estate and works of art) when consolidating risk and the overall estate
  • Regular monitoring of how managers are performing against market benchmarks.

“Rather than just a management mandate, we offer you a complete and integrated management service”

The advantages of our service

  • You will benefit from a broad view of all your assets
  • You can choose specific strategies by arranging completely different portfolio profiles, from conservative to dynamic. You will have access to all types of assets, markets and sectors
  • You can choose different service providers and price structures for different types of management
    You can adopt all-in tariffs for particularly active portfolios or per-transaction fees for more passive investments.
  • We will advise you on your choice of service providers for specific services