Wealth engineering

Structuring your assets to ensure the best return possible and smooth transfer solutions for your estate

Wealth planning should be vibrant and dynamic. It should be adapted to the regulatory, tax and legal changes as well as to changes within your family. We recommend a formal assessment of the estate each time a new member joins the family, an original idea emerges or there is a new target investment or initiative.

A holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to your estate

We take charge of your entire estate so we can maximise the return on your investments, fulfil your transfer requirements and monitor your assets.

Your estate can be affected by any number of events, such as new investments and changes in personal circumstances, etc. These changes are reason to request a formal assessment to ensure your wealth strategy is appropriate:

  • Domestic and international legal and tax changes
    We make sure you comply with savings tax transparency regulations
  • A new addition to the family, or a change in your personal or professional situation
  • Foreign investment, personal relocation, children moving abroad
    All investors increasingly have to deal with transnational regulations. We analyse the difference between various national tax and civil regulations for you.
  • Private or professional investment in movable or immovable assets
    We control any international impact on the circulation of your capital

Optimal tax planning: the cornerstone of efficient family estate management

Experts from the Fuchs Family Office network will provide you with long-term support in the protection, development and transfer of your estate.

Structuring of income:

  • Of high-level athletes for example


  • Of shareholdings in the event of the purchase or sale of businesses
  • Of property transactions
  • Of intellectual property rights.

There are solutions for every requirement, but they must be reviewed on a regular basis. Efficient wealth management is possible only through long-term support that spans generations.