Fuchs Finance : The company

Fuchs Finance : experience, expertise and a customised investment service for private and institutional clients

Fuchs Finance is an independent company, regulated by the CSSF (Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority) as a Financial Sector Professional (PFS).

Since its creation 15 years ago, Fuchs Finance has developed a wealth of unique expertise thanks to a multicultural team of experts from leading financial institutions who take pride in maximising the profit and sustainability of the assets of loyal private and institutional clients.

Whatever your investment approach and whether you are domiciled in Europe or not, Fuchs Finance understands the challenges you face and can offer the most suitable solutions for your estate.

If you entrust us with your assets, we will provide you with in-depth and customised advice in line with your strategy. Our expertise in risk management enables us to preserve and optimise the performance of your assets. Fuchs Finance provides you with optimal, high-performing and sustainable solutions. You will have access to varied and dynamic investment opportunities, as well as a choice of mandates adapted to your objectives and profile.


“Relationships founded on absolute trust, impartiality and genuine exchanges between investor and adviser”


Fuchs & Associés Finance SA: a member of the SIIL

Fuchs & Associés Finance S.A. is a member of the “Système d’indemnisation des investisseurs (Luxembourg)” (“Luxembourg Investor Indemnity System” – abbreviated “SIIL”) and benefits from the mecanism of mutual guarantees for assets held on behalf of its clients.

Following the law of December 18th, 2015 on the failure of credit institutions and some investment firms, the functions regarding investor compensation previously undertaken by the “Association pour la garantie des Dépôts, Luxembourg” (Luxembourg Association for Deposit Guarantee” – abbreviated “AGDL”) have been transferred to SIIL.