Institutional clients

A service offering intended for institutional clients, guaranteeing specific and innovative portfolio management

Fuchs Finance offers high value-added investment and consultancy services in wealth management and asset allocation. We have developed our own methods and tools specifically for institutional investors so we can best respond to your specific needs.

An innovative service for clients with exacting standards

The dynamism and expertise of our passionate team of experts enable us to build you customised, flexible, secure and high-performing portfolios.

We apply a systematic and appropriate methodology to offer services for managed accounts, funds and any other kind of investment vehicle, enabling:

  • a portfolio optimisation based on measuring extreme financial market risks
  • an asset allocation defined to suit the chosen risk profile of each investor
  • a systematic, continual and dynamic hedging of an equity position
  • a management type risk-on/risk-off thanks to a proprietary indicator available with different frequencies.

The benefits of our institutional management service

If you are looking for a customised and innovative portfolio construction service, Fuchs Finance has just the solution for you thanks to:

  • our dedicated institutional client team offering a wealth of experience of the financial markets
  • performance and success driven by research, precision and innovation
  • our fully independent and customisable approach.