Private clients

A bespoke analysis of your strategy

Our tried-and-tested processes can guarantee you complete satisfaction by offering:

Comprehensive analysis

Before any management decisions are made, we perform a thorough, in-depth analysis taking into account the objectives and priorities defined with each client. This involves overall analysis of the global economic context, the state of national economies and micro- and macroeconomic indicators, as well as an in-depth study of individual companies and business sectors. In addition, the analysis is based on your own personal, in-depth financial assessment, which must be completed before your investment profile is defined.

A choice of assets

Fuchs Finance believes sectoral and geographical distribution to be of particular importance when determining the security and performance of a client’s portfolio. In addition, investment orders are executed using intermediaries with service quality, prices and execution speeds that are the best the market has to offer. Flexibility between asset classes (cash, bonds, equities, investment funds, private equity or real estate) is absolutely crucial to us because our management style is entirely non-benchmarked and reactive.

Measurement of investment choices

Fuchs Finance regularly calculates the performance of client portfolios and compares them with the main market benchmarks. Whatever type of investment you make, we can also produce a consolidated report on your assets.

Many options

A number of criteria can be used to customise portfolios:

  • reference currency
  • asset allocation: 6 available profiles
  • type of mandate (discretionary management or advisory management)

Fuchs Finance experts can operate under two types of mandate

Discretionary mandate

You delegate the financial management of your assets to an experienced team of professionals, and define your investment horizon, risk profile and investment objectives.

Such a mandate’s performance is heavily contingent on accurate timing and appropriate asset allocation. Fuchs Finance asset allocation is based on thorough wealth analysis and access to major international marketplaces and to the best investment funds over the long term. Ours is a reactive allocation method, applied at the best possible time.

You benefit from customised reports to monitor and analyse the management and results of your portfolio.

Our philosophy

  • Our main priority is protecting your assets
  • We always want to keep up with events on the financial markets
  • Our approach involves being continually reactive, enabling you to take your share of capital gains where possible, and protecting you from market turbulence where necessary.

Advisory mandate

You exchange investment ideas with Fuchs Finance experts, who provide you with a wealth management advisory service that is adapted to your profile, expected return and any other financial requirements you have expressed.

Our experts will advise you on a variety of products and solutions, with or without capital guarantee, but also on currency hedging, while recommending the best course of action for your investments.

The advantages of our private investment service

You will benefit from an open architecture

  • International passport: do business in the 28 EU countries, Switzerland and many other countries across the globe.
  • Choice of custodian
  • Choice of investment vehicle: life insurance, family-owned company, investment fund, individual account
  • Access to more than 20,000 funds and SICAVs
  • Choice of many high-quality, hand-picked intermediaries

Take advantage of the flexibility of your portfolio

Each management mandate benefits from an “Absolute Return” allocation type. Depending on the market conditions and your profile, your portfolio can be fully flexible.

You can have access to customised reports

These allow you to closely analyse and monitor the management and results of your portfolio.