Our values and commitments

“The secret to success is being able to attract the best talents”

Fuchs Group attaches particular importance to and will always defend its core values of independence, commitment, reliability, the human dimension.

Working with our clients to establish an overall picture of their requirements puts us in a privileged position that demands a professional and discrete service.


Fuchs Group is a first-class operator that prizes its independence. It is wholly owned by its partners, all of whom are natural persons. The company’s capital is not held by any financial organisation. Having an entirely private ownership ensures the independence and objectivity we need to advise our clients.


Commitment, discernment, expertise, performance, precision and process are the cornerstones of our approach. We know that your situation is unique, so we offer you a customised service and share in your goals. These qualities, combined with the professionalism, availability, dependability and discretion of our experts, enable us to provide you with a first-rate service.


At Fuchs Group, we keep our promises.

Our job is to help you make, implement and monitor decisions, to negotiate the best possible conditions for you and to represent you with dignity; to do this, we have to earn your trust. Our experts are committed to doing all they can to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Human dimension

The balanced relationships within the teams at Fuchs & Associés help to make us as efficient as possible. Our management encourages open and impartial dialogue and recognises hard work, which provide us with the stability we need to focus on our clients.


Our desire for openness and expertise extends beyond our own offices: our European and international network helps us to continually seek out the best solutions. Our group is supported by a range of leading multidisciplinary and specialist national and international partners. They are equipped to tackle the most complex financial, legal and tax issues as quickly as possible.