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Fuchs Insurances : your insurance broker, a long-term partner

Fuchs Insurances is a broker specialising in life insurance investments for individuals. Our expertise in legal and tax regulation and our in-depth knowledge of the financial and insurance sector enable us to guarantee the optimal growth and protection of your estate.

Life insurance policies: an impressive tool for estate transfer

Life insurance enables you to implement a succession plan in accordance with your wishes:

  • Free designation of the policy’s beneficiaries
  • Flexible beneficiary clauses which may be subject to specific terms (separation of the beneficiary clause, deferred payment of benefit upon death, etc.).

The advantages of a life insurance policy in Luxembourg

It is the only regulatory framework in Europe to be based on the Triangle of Security, which consists in a three-way deposit agreement signed by the insurance company, the custodian and the insurance regulator (commissariat aux assurances – CAA).”

Assets are held in a special account for each insurance policy at a CAA-approved custodian:

  • policyholder has absolute priority over their assets
  • protection from risk of bankruptcy of the insurance company (first-ranking creditor status known as “super-privilege”)

Life insurance policies are fully tax neutral in Luxembourg, with taxes waived on:

  • premiums
  • profit made when the policy is sold or expires
  • death benefits paid to the beneficiary/ies.

(Only the tax laws of the country of residence of the policyholder and beneficiary need to be considered).

Why subscribe a life insurance policy with Fuchs Insurances?

  • Benefit from distribution agreements with Luxembourg’s leading insurers
    These allow us to keep up-to-date with product changes and benefit from ongoing monitoring of the tax provisions applicable to our clients in their country of residence. »
  • Enjoy tailor-made support
    The policies we offer are designed and monitored to ensure that you benefit from the favourable legal and tax measures in your country of residence. We will give you access to the entire range of investment products underlying your insurance policy.
  • Access our large network of partners
    Fuchs Insurances provides neutral and objective advice that is totally suited to your requirements. We take special care to offer you only policies that comply fully with the laws of your country of residence.
    We offer insurance products throughout Europe and Switzerland under the free provision of services principle.