Investment funds in classic cars

Presentation made by Pierre-Yves Augsburger


This presentation was held during The Family Office Forum in Zurich

on November 3d – 4th  2015,  organized by Prestel & Partner.



Investment funds in classic cars – read the presentation

car investment  in Luxembourg

What are the benefits to invest in classic cars in Luxembourg?

Here are some excerpts from the presentation:

The best way to set-up a fund with classic cars… Private equity modell    or    One compartment for one collection.

•Possibility to stay off the AIFM scope (Alternative Investment Fund Managers).
•Official valuation (NAV) and ISIN Code.
•Full alignment of interest.
•Custodian bank has the legal obligation to guarantee the ownership right on the assets in the structure.
•Possibility to organize wealth transmission.
•Possibility to provide classic cars in kind.
•Possibility to list the fund on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
•Investment decisions may remain with the investor or their respective investment/advisory committee of experts.
•Distribution of monies., reimbursement of capital, income reinvestment via automatic issue of new shares.
•Capitalization of income…

How to buy…
•Become yourself an expert…
•Availability and costs of the spare parts…
•Go for quality.
•Use the Clubs.
•Commission an independent expert.
•It’s also possible to rent a classic car.
Buy for fun and do not get carried away too quickly!

Investment funds in classic cars:
•IGA (Nick Mason).
•Ultimate Classic Car Fund Capital Management LLC.
•Family Classic Cars Fund (California).
•The Classic Car Fund (Custoza).
•CAF (Classic Auto Funds).
•many projects in Luxembourg.