Quattrex Sports AG selects FAM as ManCo

Quattrex Sports AG as initiator has recently chosen Fuchs Asset Management S.A. as the responsible Alternative Investment Fund Management Company (“ManCo”) for their alternative investment product Quattrex S.C.A., SICAV-FIS. The Partnership aims to offer Investors a choice of Sub-funds investing in professional German and more generally European football clubs and featuring a diverse array of investment objectives in connection therewith.

This first-of-a-series sub-fund provides mezzanine financing to professional football clubs primarily within the first three levels of the Bundesliga to increase their financial capabilities as well as to strengthen their sportive competitiveness (especially promotion or qualification for international competition). In football, sportive success correlates heavily with all substantial revenue streams (media revenues, ticketing, sponsoring, merchandising…)

The invested clubs are affiliated with the German Football Association and are subject to supervision of Deutsche Fußball Liga (the “DFL”), the organiser of professional German football. The main function of the DFL is to enable a clean and fair competition. Therefore, every licensed club has to pass a strict and elaborate examination process, the so-called “Lizenzierungsverfahren”. In this regard, financial and infrastructural conditions, among others, are reviewed.

For the investors of the funds, the return on investment consists of two components:

  • . Fixed return (6 to 7%)
  • . Variable return / upside (linked with the sportive performance of the club and therefore the respective increase of media revenue)

With this established business model, the investment adviser has achieved a two-digit interest payment per annum since 2005.

Tobias Schlauch, Managing Director and co-founder of Quattrex-Sports AG, responsible for managing and monitoring the contracts entered into by Quattrex-Sports AG with football clubs and generally responsible at Quattrex-Sports AG for the management of the investment process comments: “Quattrex – as initiator and investment adviser of the fund – is proud to present a proven and successful business model which is embedded in a regulated Luxembourg fund structure (AIFM regulated), supported by professional partners and 3rd party service providers. This sophisticated structure, in combination with a dynamic growing soccer market enables investors high security standards and sustainable return on invest”.

As part of this project, Quattrex Sports AG has also nominated:

  • . European Fund Administrator (EFA) for fund administration and transfer agency
  • . EY Luxembourg as independent auditor
  • . Sedlo Law Firm Luxembourg for structuring and designing the product from a legal, financial and operational prospective.

About Quattrex Sports AG

Quattrex Sports AG is a company, resident in Stuttgart, actively supporting professional German football clubs with mezzanine capital.

For more information, please contact:

Tobias Schlauch                                                           Fabian Gerster

Managing Director                                                          Analyst

E-Mail: schlauch@quattrex.de                                     E-Mail: gerster@quattrex.de

Tel: +49 711 66484160                                                   Tel: +49 711 66484167

About Fuchs Asset Management S.A.

Fuchs Asset Management S.A. («FAM») acts as independent third-party Fund Management Company and is regulated by the Luxembourg supervisory authority CSSF. As Super ManCo FAM offers a wide range of solutions including governance, distribution, risk management and compliance, as well as portfolio management services. These services include traditional UCITS strategies as well as alternative UCITS, but also all types of AIFMD strategies, including Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Private Equity and Debt. Fuchs Asset Management S.A. offers services to foreign and local managers who do search a long-term partner supporting them in the set-up and the life-long running of their EU based fund. FAM is a truly independent Management Company. This independence allows flexibility, fast decision-making and the possibility to work together with a broad network of business partners.

For more information, please contact:

Bettina Pölking

Head of Marketing & Sales coordination

Tel. +352 26 26 49 60 25

Email: bettina.poelking@fuchsgroup.com

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